Turn your phone into a video camera and record your first short

Smartphones have been assuming tasks and activities that were once reserved for devices dedicated especially to take photos, record sound, listen to music, watch movies, play games or, now, record videos. The technology of mobile phones has improved so much in these sections, which have succeeded in many cases replacing complete product categories , such… Leer Mas

Everywhere, all the time: all addicted to our smartphones?

  Programmed to capture our attention tirelessly, the connected phone has upset our relationship to the world. Reportage in San Francisco, where repentant engineers try to fight against addictions to the tiny screen. His childhood, Aza Raskin spent it in the middle of integrated circuits and microprocessors – at home, there was everywhere, in the… Leer Mas

Wireless headphones: is it worth buying them?

  In a matter of short time, headphones have become fashionable. Accessories that not only allow us to listen to music anywhere but also give us a touch of distinction with their designs. We have them of many types, in Technology you love them and we like to talk about them frequently. Today we would… Leer Mas

What to do if your iPhone is stolen? Steps to follow

  The iPhone has become more than just a smartphone. With each new version, Apple has been adding new features that replaced “in digital format” to everyday items or equipment such as photo cameras, diaries, music players and even purses. Such is the amount of things we can do with them, that losing it or… Leer Mas

How to connect your new tablet or smartphone to the TV

  Much of the multimedia content that we visualize daily is enjoyed on our personal mobile devices, whether it is a smartphone or tablet. Modern televisions also advance unstoppable when it comes to providing digital content and adopting new technologies. It was inevitable that both ecosystems had a point of union: the possibility of sharing… Leer Mas